AWPR media releases

Defence Dept opposes Democratic Oversight – 6 December 2022
Linda Reynolds challenged over ‘lives at risk’ claim – 27 October 2022
ADF – Ukraine training plan must go to Parliament – 12 October 2022
Albanese Government announces War Powers Inquiry – 1 October 2022
The AUKUS Declaration – 26 July 2022
Defence and Foreign Affairs must be made more transparent after May 21 – 8 May 2022
ADF Veterans: The way Australia goes to War must change – 25 April 2022
Public Statement on Ukraine – 26 Feb 2022
Federal Parliament should urgently review the potentially dangerous AUKUS deal – 17 Nov 2021
Parliament must vote on overseas wars – New national poll Sept 2021
AUKUS – Massive Decisions – Zero Transparency 16 Sept 2021
Afghanistan and the need for war powers reform – 21 Aug 2021
Failure in Afghanistan should prompt urgent reassessment of Australia’s war powers 16 August 2021
Overheated war talk is irresponsible – Parliament must decide Open Letter to Scott Morrison – 22 May 21
AWPR Roy Morgan Poll | November 2020
AWPR welcomes parliamentary war powers bill | 1st September 2016
UK’s Chilcot Report released: Australia needs similar process | 7th July 2016
Long overdue Chilcot report due on Wednesday in UK, calls for similar process in Australia | 5th July 2016
Anniversary of March 2003 Iraq Invasion Observed: lessons relevant for Syria and elsewhere, but still ignored | 18th March 2016
Government makes the future worse for Syrians | 7th September 2015
Open letter to Prime Minister Abbott about military action in Syria | 4th September 2015
Government challenged to provide legal basis for Syrian bombing | 26 August 2015
Legality of Bombing Syria Does Matter, Mr Abbott. | 23rd August 2015
Launch: “How Does Australia Go To War?” | 17th July, 2015
STATEMENT on the death of Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser AC CH | 20th March, 2015


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