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Parliament must vote on overseas wars – New national poll

Public support for changing how Australia goes to war has increased again with a new national survey finding that 87% of voters want parliament to have the final say on deploying troops.

The national poll taken just weeks after the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal is a clear sign that Australians do not support the current system where the Prime Minister and the executive can send us to war without debate or a vote.

The survey of 1500 people found that support for reform has jumped 4% in less than a year. Only 13% now support the status quo.

The poll was commissioned by Mike Smith, a journalist, former Howard Government adviser, and activist. It was undertaken by The Digital Edge.

Former diplomat and acting President of Australians for War Powers Reform, Dr Alison Broinowski AM said:

“Australians are rightly demanding transparency and accountability on the vital decision of sending troops to foreign wars.

“It is simply no longer acceptable to leave this life and death decision up to the Prime Minister.

“Ordinary Australians want their local MPs and Senators to oversee this decision, not just the Prime Minister and a few ministers behind closed doors.

“Senator Jordon Steele-John currently has a war powers reform bill before the Senate. We urge all MP’s to carefully consider the legislation in light of this strong public support.”

Today’s national survey can be found here: www.mikesmithcanberra.com

The 2020 Roy Morgan national poll can be found here

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