You are currently viewing Will Australia join yet another catastrophic war in the Middle East, and will the Australian people get any say in it?

Will Australia join yet another catastrophic war in the Middle East, and will the Australian people get any say in it?

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The Netanyahu government is driving hard for an expanded war in the Middle East as it strives to destroy the Palestinian presence in Gaza, despite the Biden administration and the British government urging Israel not to escalate.

Israeli forces conducted a small scale drone strike on Iran on Friday, and the Tehran dictatorship is promising to escalate if further attacks occur.

When the US and UK move to protect Israel, as they inevitably will, will they demand that Australia also contribute?

“Australians for War Powers Reform (AWPR) strongly argues that the parliament and the people they represent should have a say in any decision taken in this unfolding hyper-dangerous situation,” said Dr Alison Broinowski AM from AWPR.

“Australia’s interest is in ending the war in Gaza and stopping any wider, war in the region.

If any request comes to Australia from the Biden administration or the Sunak government, the public should be informed, the parliament should be convened and a properly-informed debate, followed by a vote, must take place before any decision is made.”

AWPR strongly objected to the ADF joining the Combined Maritime Forces in Bahrain, under Operation Manitou in January this year to organise strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, when the Houthi attacked shipping in the Red Sea as a response to the Israeli war in Gaza.

“In addition to a human catastrophe and further dangerous military escalation in the Middle East, on April 17 Defence Minister Richard Marles unveiled a 2024 National Defence Strategy, which is all about a focus on a possible war between the US and China,” she said.

None of these developments, and Australia’s responses to them, have had any input from the public and the parliament.

“The Australian people and their MPs have not been asked about Australia committing to a war against China, nor about another commitment of Australian forces to another Middle East war. AWPR believes any such commitment would be a criminal disaster, associated as it would be on the side of a plausible perpetrator of genocide.”

AWPR Media Statement

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