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Airstrikes on Yemen – Australia should not be involved

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The Albanese government’s decision to become directly involved in allied airstrikes on Yemen is unwarranted and dangerous.

Having declined to send a warship to support the US/UK coalition against the Houthi, the government is backing it by other means.

“Being involved in a coalition to protect shipping in the Red Sea is one thing, but involving Australia in direct missile attacks on the Houthis is quite another,” said Dr Alison Broinowski AM from AWPR (Australians for War Powers Reform)

“Australia is now engaged in yet another war in the Middle East and neither the public nor the parliament have been given a say.”

“Instead, we have the outrageous situation of Australians hearing about their country’s involvement in this via the President of the USA.”

The airstrikes are also illegal under international law as this week’s UN Security Council resolution on the Houthis did not authorise the use of force

Last year the government agreed with a parliamentary committee recommendation that in the event of Australia joining armed conflict overseas, it would recall parliament as soon as possible, provide a statement of compatibility with international law, and conduct a debate.

We call on the Defence Minister to make it clear if this will occur and when.

Numerous military experts have suggested that these attacks on Yemen could dramatically escalate the already dire situation in the region.

The Australian government has recklessly joined this conflict and has done so with almost no proper accountability or transparency.

– AWPR Media Release

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  1. Joan Middleton

    Our Foreign Policy is built on a weak foundation – the need to get Daddy’s permission and instruction – the need to please Daddy – get his approval – suck up to the bastard!
    We’re a country that only PRETENDS to be a sovereign nation. We wouldn’t know soveriegn or independence if we fell over it. It’s HUMILIATING for anyone with half a brain cell.
    Even if we had a referendum and every man, woman and flaming dog voted NO for joining in America’s/Israel’s wars – our government of whichever stripe would STILL serve American interests.
    Our Asian neighbours are much more intelligent than us.
    God knows what they think of us.
    Have a dekko at the cartoons on some of the Chinese websites. They think we’re hilarious; we’re symbolised by a naive looking kangaroo with a joey in its pouch faithfully following Uncle Sam’s diktats.

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