Opinion Polls

87% of Australians Support War Powers Reform


An overwhelming majority of Australians – 87% – want the Prime Minister’s war decisions to be subject to Parliamentary approval.

This result comes from a national opinion poll conducted by market research firm The Digital Edge in 2021.

It found that 87% of Australians think the PM’s war decisions should be subject to Parliamentary approval always or unless there is immediate danger to Australia.

Currently the Prime Minister and Cabinet have an exclusive right to take Australia to war. They don’t need Parliament approval.

The full details and breakdown of the survey can be found here.

A similar nationwide survey in 2020 found that 83% of Australians wanted the war powers changed to give all MPs and Senators a vote on overseas deployments.

The 2020 poll undertaken by Roy Morgan research can be found here.

The message from Australia is clear so why aren’t the politicians listening?



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