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Albanese should initiate an AUKUS Parliamentary Inquiry

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AWPR Media Release

The AUKUS military pact should be put on hold and a full public inquiry held into the future of the deal, according to civil society group Australians for War Powers Reform (AWPR).

Community disquiet over this massively expensive plan has been growing for over a year and we now have multiple former politicians, unions, NGOs and ALP members calling for a major rethink.

“Prime Minister Albanese needs to respond to these concerns and initiate a parliamentary inquiry so the full ramifications can be uncovered, and the process be made transparent,” said Dr Alison Broinowski AM from AWPR.

“This deal was conceived and decided in total secrecy by Scott Morrison and little has changed since the new government took over. There has never been any public consultation or debate in Parliament.”

“The deal was not even voted on in Federal Cabinet so it’s no wonder that there is now a full-scale revolt among ALP members and branches. At last count there have been anti-AUKUS resolutions passed by over 50 ALP branches.”

In May The Australia Institute also called for a parliamentary inquiry and received backing from several high-profile politicians, former military leaders and academic experts.

A similar call was made today in an open letter published by The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN).

As it stands the government does not have a mandate for this very serious change to our Defence and Foreign policies.

“The Albanese government has offered little in the way of justification for AUKUS beyond very vague platitudes about “threats” and “regional instability”. The Australian community expects a far greater level of accountability and transparency.”

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