Be Sure On War, A call of war power reforms in Australia, No war without parliament, Australians for war powers reform AWPR

Help change Australia’s war powers, and make sure there’s transparency, debate, and checks & balances before we go to war.

Donate now to make sure the campaign to reform Australia’s war powers is the success it should be. Your donation will keep this issue in the public eye: People are shocked when they understand that an Australian Prime Minister can act – alone and behind closed doors – to send Australia to war.

Your donation will help us reach and connect with influential people and decision-makers: With more change-makers on our side, the campaign will go further, faster.

Your donation will help gather and spread evidence: Research will bring the true human and economic cost of war to light.

And most importantly, you’ll bring us to a day when Australians can

Be Sure on War.

For direct debit transfers, make your donation to:

Australians for War Powers Reform Inc,
BSB: 633 000
Account No: 162 415 442

Thank you for your donation to Be Sure on War. We rely on the donations made by everyday Australians like you. It should be understood that AWPR is not a registered charity with tax deductibility status for donations. Donations represent a free EXPRESSION OF SUPPORT FOR AWPR’S purposes, recognising that the promotion and achievement of those purposes necessitate funding.

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