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The jailing of McBride – Albanese should be ashamed

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The jailing of war crimes whistle-blower David McBride shows yet again that the Albanese government is not serious about transparency and public accountability.

McBride’s revelations uncovered horrendous crimes, yet the Labor government has allowed him to be sentenced to almost six years imprisonment.

Meanwhile Australians are left wondering when, if ever, those who allegedly committed war crimes will face justice.

“The government claims to support whistle-blowers and wants serious wrong doing exposed but in practice it has failed badly,” said Cameron Leckie, a retired Army Major and spokesperson for Australians for War Powers Reform (AWPR).

“The existing laws designed to protect whistle-blowers are clearly inadequate and a complete overhaul is needed to ensure that Australia’s democratic system is one we can be proud of.

“Without strong protections for those who reveal illegal or unethical practices, criminality will continue to flourish. This is especially the case with war crimes or crimes against humanity.

“Julian Assange also revealed appalling war crimes and is still facing life in prison, despite claims by the Prime Minister that ‘enough is enough’. Thus far the PM’s lobbying of the Biden administration to drop the case has had no effect”

“Civil society organisations have been asking Attorney General Mark Dreyfus to intervene in the McBride case for more than two years and the requests have been ignored”

“Now the Albanese government is facing legitimate calls from MPs and Senators to pardon David McBride. This request should be seriously considered along with a renewed commitment to genuine transparency.

“A fundamental problem remains in that practically all of the war in Afghanistan – even the decision for Australia to join the war – remained outside our democratic processes, including our parliament. Until there is some democracy around the decision to go to war, a dangerous level of secrecy will continue to prevail.”

– AWPR Media Release

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