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Veteran appeal gathers pace

AWPR’s campaign No War Without Parliament is seeking the voices of some of those Australians most heavily affected by decisions for overseas wars – ADF veterans and their families.

Many hundreds of Australian families are today living with the terrible grief of having lost a loved one as a result of military service in Australia’s recent wars.  Many more are living with war’s emotional and physical traumas.

Australia is obliged to do everything in its power to ensure that ADF personnel in future are not sacrificed or harmed unnecessarily, and that their efforts have the support of the Australian people and Parliament.  Currently this is not always the case.  A decision for ADF involvement in an overseas war can be made by one person, the prime minister, acting alone. This process is fraught with risk, and must change.

We are seeking the signatures of ADF veterans and family members for an appeal to all federal parliamentarians, urging their reform of this dangerous and undemocratic process. To date we have over 140 signatures from veterans and their families.

View the AWPR  Veteran appeal  and please circulate it as widely as you can, especially to veterans and their families whom you know.

Read our Veteran Appeal Media Release and the recent Guardian article regarding the Veteran appeal and the need for war powers reform.

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  1. Michael Flanigan

    I totally support this national poll.
    Corporal RACMP… 146083 (Vet)

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