You are currently viewing Michael West Media investigate politician’s views on war powers

Michael West Media investigate politician’s views on war powers


Independent journalist and publisher MICHAEL WEST has taken on the issue of how Australia goes to war by seeking answers on the issue from local MPs all over Australia.

Not content with way mainstream media reports the issue Michael West Media is looking closely at the position of each MP and asking them to go on the record.

Are they happy with the fact that the Prime Minister alone can decide to take us to war without any reference to them, the parliamentarians?

This video outlines the problem at the heart of this debate and explains the thinking behind this unique series of reports:

You can also read the first article in the series, by reporter Tasha May here:

Power to go to war rests with one man – Scott Morrison – is Parliament okay with that

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  1. Cheryl

    No man has ever died in vain as said by Scott Morrison and John Howard once again a lie, continually perpetrated on the Australian Public it should never be the decision of one man, one Prime Minister to decide the fate of a single person how many times should we sacrifice our sons, daughters or grandchildren for war’s that have never been about freedom, but about greed control and power. That is often asked leading up to an election Who would you rather go to War with the LNP or Labor, how lightly is the decision made for the slaughter of men women and children, how many times has it happened in my lifetime, and what exactly did war achieve, glory for our young no just sadness and despair and suicide’s for in their mind they could see no purpose for all they had witnessed, only the depth of blackness that consumed their lives and they couldn’t see a future, stolen by a leader who didn’t care at all.

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