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Does your local MP support War Powers Reform?

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Most major party MPs are resisting change and won’t support war powers reform, even though 80-90% of Australians are in favour of change.

Do you know where your local MP stands on the issue?

Why not drop them a line and ask?

As an organisation we have been lobbying all MPs but local constituents are often listened to more than national campaign groups.

If you wish to write there is a sample email here which can be used as a guide.

You can find your MP at this link using your postcode.

Ask your representative if they support the idea that before Australia joins an overseas war, all MPs and Senators should get a vote on the matter. And keep in mind we are talking about “wars of choice”, not an attack on Australia. The immediate defence of Australia would remain in the hands of the Prime Minister and cabinet.

Several key independents and smaller party politicians are publicly backing legislative change.

Andrew Wilkie, Zali Stegall and Rebekha Sharkie are on the public record as supporters, while fellow independent Helen Haines said she backed an inquiry into how we go to war. The Greens also support reform and have presented legislation on the issue several times.

But many of the newer independents elected last year are yet to offer a view on the issue. The so called “Teals” have been pretty quiet on war powers despite the fact that, at its heart the reform we seek is about accountability and transparency, two key concerns for these politicians.

If you write to your MP, please let us know, and get in touch if you get a response: info@warpowersreform.org.au

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