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17 years and counting

In January this year Dr Alison Broinowski, Vice President of Australians for War Powers Reform wrote the article Why are Australian forces still in Iraq?

Broinowski said:

“War is clearly the last thing the Morrison government needs, beset by a national bushfire disaster in which it has been forced to mobilise the ADF and reserves. The government’s budget surplus is already blown. We have a window of opportunity to do as Canada has done, and  suspend military operations in Iraq. While there is still time, the government should keep Australia out of a proxy war between the US and Iran in Iraq, and refuse to commit to an illegal war of aggression against Iran”.

This week the Department of Defence published a media release entitled ‘Task Group Taji a success’. The release detailed how Australia has successfully completed its training mission at Taji Military Complex in Iraq.  

Notable in the release however was the fact that:

Australia will continue to play a key role in the Global Counter Daesh Coalition and provide support to Iraq through contributions to the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service, Coalition air capabilities and Coalition headquarters”.

It is clear that there is still no end date for the Australian forces in Iraq. 

Australians deserve an explanation as to why our forces remain there and at what diplomatic and financial cost.

Image: Mike Cook – Pixabay

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