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US Election Eve

On the eve of the US election here are a few timely reads:

“The world’s confidence in US power and the moral authority it once commanded and the capacity to deploy it are much diminished. Even the most energetic and driven administration won’t restore it easily, soon or perhaps ever”  

Full Text: America’s choice and Asia’s future – East Asia Forum

“Australians trust in the US is at a historic low, 30 points below where it sat during the Obama administration”. 

Full Text: Is our love affair with America over? –  Lowy Institute 

With the international order weakened by COVID-19, economic recession, and receding American leadership, the 2020 presidential election will be even more consequential than that of 2016. 

Full Text: The point of no return: The crisis of 2020 election and the crisis of American foreign policy – Brookings Institution/Lowy Institute



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