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Iraq invasion, Iraq War, John Howard, War Powers

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This morning Sunday 13 April 2013 CIWI President Paul Barratt participated in a panel discussion on the ABC Radio National program “Outsiders”, a segment of its morning current affairs program Sunday Extra.

The host was Jonathan Green, and the other participants were:

– Trisha Jha, active student feminist and past candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party in the ACT

– Nick Feik, Chief Executive of The Monthly’s SlowTV.

Our subjects were

– Former Prime Minister John Howard’s recent address to the Lowy Institute about his Government’s decision to participate in the 2003 invasion of Iraq

– The recently announced to help provide additional funding for the Gonski reforms to school education by cuts to the tertiary education budget.

Audio feed may be obtained here: RN Sunday Extra Outsiders, 13 April 2013.

Originally published by AWPR, 14 April, 2013 | 4:02 pm

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