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Election 22 – Time for Reform

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AWPR Public Statement – Federal Election 2022

The results of the 2022 Federal Election are promising for Australians for War Powers Reform.

The election of a Labor government and an unprecedented number of independents is a major step forward for reforming the way Australia goes to war.

At two national conferences of the ALP, in 2018 and 2021, it was agreed that Labor, in its first term in government, would hold an inquiry into the operation of war powers.

We urge Prime Minister Albanese to fulfil these pledges.

Prior to this election we approached scores of Independent candidates, seeking their support for reform – which is currently a decision made by the Prime Minister alone, or with a small group of Ministers.

Several independent candidates were committed before the election to seeking legislative change of the war powers. Others were positive towards our campaign, without making a public statement in advance.

We are urging the Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs to establish the promised inquiry in the Government’s first term and look forward to encouraging more public debate on this vital issue.

See also: ALP puts war power reform on the agenda and this Michael West Media series which documents the views of MPs and Senators on the issue.

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