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No UK Bases for Attacks on Iran

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Iraq War Inquiry Group is following very closely the confrontation between the United Sates and Iran, because we regard the possibility of a pre-emptive attack on Iran as one of the most likely issues to raise the question of whether or not to involve the Australian Defence Force should be deployed into another international conflict. With the failure of Senator Ludlam’s War Powers Bill, any decision about whether to involve Australian forces in a conflict with Iran remains within the power of a very small group of people.

Accordingly, we note with great interest the news that
Britain has rebuffed US pleas to use military bases in the UK to support the build-up of forces in the Gulf, citing secret legal advice which states that any pre-emptive strike on Iran could be in breach of international law.
We wonder where the Australian Government stands on this issue.

Originally published by AWPR, 14 November, 2012 | 3:34pm

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