Eight ways you’re wrong about the Iranian nuclear program

The January-February issue of the prestigious US journal The National Interest carries an article by

Yousaf Butt, a nuclear physicist who serves as a scientific consultant for the Federation of American Scientists, entitled Eight Ways You’re Wrong About Iran’s Nuclear Program.

The eight “memes” rebutted by Butt are:

  • “If the world powers fail to reach a deal with Tehran the alternative is bombing.”
  • “Sanctions forced Iran to the table and extracted concessions from Iran.”
  • 3  “Iran has dragged out negotiations unnecessarily – the West sees the nuclear issue as an urgent matter and desperately wants to resolve it …

    Open letter to the Prime Minister-elect


    Below is the text of an open letter to the Prime Minister-elect, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP, signed by me and a number of distinguished Australians who support CIWI’s cause, was published in today’s edition of The Age. The original may be viewed online at An open letter on war to the new PM.


    Among the many big-picture items missing from Australia’s recent election campaign was foreign policy. While Australians were voting, the United States President was seeking US congressional and international approval to launch a punitive military action against the government of Syria, which would almost …

    Statement on Syria

    The Campaign for an Iraq War Inquiry said today that any use of chemical weapons, in Syria or elsewhere, is totally unacceptable. Allegations of their recent use in Syria can and must be investigated through the UN Secretary General’s office, in co-operation with the World Health Organisation in Geneva, and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague.

    National intelligence assessments are not a sufficient condition for military strikes on Syria to proceed in a way that would be justified under international law. We would condemn, in the strongest terms, the breaking of international law governing the …

    Responsibly protecting Syrians

    Contribution by CIWI member NAJ Taylor

    Allegations that chemical weapons have been deployed against civilians in Syria are troublesome and, if true, are abhorrent. But what facts have been established? What details are as yet unknown? And are calls for some form of military intervention warranted in the current situation? These are the questions that should and must be asked. But already the ground has been cleared such that speculation (on all sides) has become fact, and expert opinion derided as pure fantasy. There’s a need to look more closely at these truth claims so as to reveal something altogether …

    Feelings of déjà vu

    Events over the last 24 hours, in addition to eliciting that feeling of déjà vu, validate Iraq War Inquiry Group’s core positions in a most dramatic way.

    Here we go again; the US is poised to undertake a military strike against Syria, and does not feel it needs to await the report of the UN weapons inspectors because, as John Kerry puts it, we can rely on our conscience and common sense. It will be without UN authority, but US/UK leaders insist it will be legal. It will be limited and proportionate, says David Cameron – aren’t they all? It …

    Reply from ALP National Secretariat

    We have today received from the National Secretariat of the Australian Labor Party a reply to our letter of 13 August 2013 to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The full text is below:


    23 August 2013

    Mr Paul Barratt

    President Iraq War Inquiry Group Inc

    Suite 406, 1 Queens Road

    Melbourne Vic 3004

    Dear Mr Barratt

    Thank you for your letter of 13 August regarding the Federal Labor Party’s policy on Iraq. As you know, the Howard Government’s decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003 was not supported by the Federal Labor Party in Opposition. That is why …