Paul Malone on the Iraq War

Paul Malone writes in the 18 November edition of The Canberra Times of John Howard’s “sketchy memory on Iraq”, a war which was opposed by the vast majority of the Australian people, and which on the most conservative estimate of puts the figure for civilian death at between 109,726 and 119,886 people between 2003 and 2011.

He writes:
The war was a misguided idea, developed by extremist politicians in the United States who lied to the world about Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction. Howard said just six weeks before the invasion, ”The Australian government knows that Iraq still has chemical and biological weapons and that Iraq wants to develop nuclear weapons.”

In contrast to John Howard’s statement that the Government “knows” – a term which would entitle the reader or listener to conclude that the Government was in possession of information that put the matter beyond reasonable doubt, former Director-General of the Office of National Assessments Philip Flood found in a subsequent inquiry that the evidence was “thin, ambiguous and incomplete”.

To read Malone’s piece in full see Howard’s sketchy memory on Iraq.


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